10 Fun Things To Do In Boise

Written by Spencer

On November 14, 2019
A hot air balloon flying over the Boise foothills.

Boise is the capital of Idaho and is a home to some of the most beautiful parks, historic museums, ambient restaurants, unique attractions and wedding venues. The famous Boise River Greenbelt that runs through the entire city has its own scenic views.

A famous quote that goes common for Boise, ID is, “The Biggest Small Town There Is…”.

This city has a population that is just over 200,000, and while it does seem like too much for a small city, it surely creates a nice atmosphere of culture, food and music.

As for kids and families, there are plenty of spots and attractions here in this city that will keep you entertained round the year. You can go on planning a trip to a new sot every month, and the places never seem to end.

As a Boise pest control service, we wanted to put together a few ideas for the people who live here.

As much as you are excited right now to explore the beauty of Boise, we also want to give you a taste of what it really feels like to travel here.

That being said, we have put together a list of top 10 fun things to do in Boise and its surrounding areas.

Things To Do In Boise

It is quite rare for any person who is traveling to Boise or even its own locals to not explore this beautiful city, filled with recreational and historic spots.

Though the list of fun things goes on and on, we are excited to present you the top 10 fun things that you should “definitely” do when you land here in Boise.

So, here it goes…

1: Boise River Greenbelt

Why miss the place for which Boise is known for the most?

Yes! We are talking about the famous Boise River Greenbelt that stretches 25 miles along the banks of Boise River. The beautiful greenbelt with tree-lined path goes through the heart of Boise and has some scenic views with wildlife as well. There are walking trails, a ten-mile self-directed bike ride or hike, Idaho Birding Trail and Bethine Church River Trail that can be found here.

2: Aquarium of Boise

A must go place with your kids if you are here in Boise. The aquarium of Boise stretches to a 10,000 square feet area and it was opened back in 2011. Unlike other aquariums, this interactive place has a range of hands-on-exhibits. Some of these include the corals, starfish, rays and crabs. You will also find giant octopuses and shark nursery. You will also be educated on the life-cycle of each marine life that is present here.

3: Hyde Park Neighborhood

Parks are always a fun place to visit, especially for those unexpected picnic plans over the weekends. Hyde Park Neighborhood is on the National Historic Register and has plenty of historic buildings, still preserved in their original state. This park has everything that you need to spend quality time. It is walk-able and bike-able and a great place for the evening stroll, maybe for some delicious ice cream or brunch with friends.

4: Boise Art Museum

To get to know about the history and culture of any place, its museums are the best place to visit. The famous Boise Art Museum is a place for contemporary artwork and exhibitions located on Julia David Drive. This museum originally started as Boise Gallery of Art back in 1938. However, later in 1973, the building underwent some developments and upgrades to include another 10,000 square feet to it. Now, its current facility is 34,800 square feet in total and you will find Education Wing, Sculpture Court, Museum Store and much more at this place.

5: Barber Park

Lying along the banks of Boise River and close to downtown area, the Barber Park is known for plenty of recreational activities like rafting, kayaking. There are several access points here in this park to the famous Boise River. You can always go fishing, while enjoying the scenic views of the river’s greenbelt. There is a hiking trail as well that spreads across this area and playgrounds for the kids. And, don’t forget to capture the wildlife here.

6: Table Rock

If you love hiking, Table Rock is the perfect spot for you. This place is a 3.7 miles loop trail, just outside of Boise and when you reach the top, the view of the city is simply breathtaking. This isn’t a tough trail. The incline is steady and is fairly easy, but still fun.

7: Discovery Center of Idaho

On the West Myrtle Street, you will come across this wonderful place known as the Discovery Center of Idaho, an interactive science center made for the people who are interested in science, math, technology and engineering. With over 200 exhibits, some of which include the Centripetal Wheel, Turbulent Orb and Bubble Wall, you’ll have a hell of a great time here.

8: Zoo Boise

Visiting a new city and not going to its local Zoo would be a waste of your time. The famous Zoo Boise is a big zoological park, housing a number of species. It is divided into sections like Butterflies in Bloom and Sloth bear Encounter. Some of the other parts of this park are even more interactive. There is a zoo farm as well, where you can take your children and hand feed some cute animals like goats and sheep. An Animal Presentations are will education the children about different animals that are present here in this zoo.

9: Inn At 500

Inn At 500 is a hotel in downtown Boise and its halls are filled with artwork by the locals of Boise. If you plan on booking a hotel for your stay in Boise, this is the place you should check-in. Services like free valet service, complimentary bikes and much more are offered upon your arrival. There is a snack and refreshment bar, which is open 24/7, and the hotel rooms are modern, comfortable and tech savvy.

10: Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Center

Located in the North of Boise is the Bogus Basing Mountain Recreation Center, which was first opened in the 1940s and is one of the best places you must visit when you travel to Boise. It has a ski center that has a downhill slope and cross-country skiing trail which stretched over 20 miles. The most iconic areas here is the Shafer Butte, which is the highest peak in Boise Ridge Mountains. You can have a lot of fun with your friends and family here.


At Averse Pest Control, we want Boise residents to be pest-free!

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