Ant Species You’ll Find in Caldwell, ID

Written by Spencer

On December 3, 2019
A line of pavement ants on a sidewalk.

There are a whopping 12,000 known species of ants around the world, but only a few of them are a threat to your home and family. Like any other pests, ants are also a nuisance as they spread all over your living space and often contaminate the food in your kitchen. It is important that you determine what type of ants have infested your home, as different ants respond differently to different types of treatments. You can do this by observing their appearance, habitat and region where you live. You can also spot the number of nodes or humps on the thorax of an ant and identify its species. Similarly, their size and color tell you a lot about them. You can also have a certified professional at Averse Pest Control identify the species for you.

Type of Ants in Caldwell

It can be pretty daunting figuring out how to keep ants away, especially when a colony of millions of ants decides to take up residence in your home. Together with our pest control experts at Averse Pest Control, we have created a list of ant species that is commonly found in homes in Caldwell. Take your time to read till the end and get to know what type of species is present in your house.

Pavement Ants

These are one of the most common types of ants found in Caldwell homes and most of the United States. These ants are rarely found indoors, as they love to invade your outdoor picnic and can burrow themselves under the sidewalks, driveways and building slabs. They also love make small dirty mountains on top of the pavement. By their appearance, they are roughly 1/8-1/16-inch-long and are brown or black in color. Their legs are pale and they have antennae on their head. Likewise other ants, they also have a stinger attached to their abdominal section, and they can sting you.

If these ants form a colony, it becomes extremely difficult to control them. A single colony of pavement ants can have multiple queens and hundreds of thousands of worker ants. Whenever the queen ant lays egg, a new colony is formed and the cycle goes on. These ants can quickly grow to millions in number in a very short time period and they are very good at bearing extreme weather conditions.

As a pro tip, the best way to ensure these ants don’t infest your house is by avoiding moisture in the driveway or by the base of the home, as well as removing any leftover food from your backyard.

Odorous Ants

As the name implies, odorous ants have a very unique smell. These ants enter your living space to search for food, specifically sweets and meats. Your kitchen pantries and cupboards are their common targets, and they usually build their colonies near warm and moist places. They can also create their nest in outdoor spaces and then enter your house via the small cracks in the foundation or through the openings around windows and doors.

The smell of these ants is very unpleasant, especially when the ant is crushed or dies. This type of ant is often the most frustrating as they can contaminate your food and are found all over your kitchen. Though odorous ants normally don’t bite, they are persistent pests can soon become a big problem if not treated in a timely manner. A small colony of these ants can have up to 100,000 workers and two or more queens and usually invade your living space during the summer months.

If you suspect you have odorous ants in your home, contact us for our pest control Caldwell service.

Asian Needle Ant

The Asian needle ants are about 5mm long and they only have one node. They are black-brown in color with dark orange mandibles. Asian Needle ants usually nest outdoors, but they can also invade your indoor space in search of food and shelter. If pressed against human skin or trapped in clothes, this ant will sting and it is extremely painful. A red bump or rash will form around the area where they bite. In rare cases, if stung by these ants, one may develop anaphylactic shock.

Sugar Ants

As the name tells, these ants are sweet-seekers. They also eat grease and almost everything they find. In general, these ants are in search for anything that is sweet. They are both found indoors and outdoors and have several sub-types include the acrobat ants, cornfield ants, false honey ants, little black ants, rover ants, pharaoh ants, pavement ants, odorous house ants, carpenter ants and Argentine ants.

These ants can smell food from a long distance and they will make their way into your house via the cracks in foundation or gaps around windows and doors. Make sure you don’t leave any sugary items or any food leftovers on the kitchen counter-top. Also, when possible, seal open containers. Try not to have open boxes of sweet cereal in your pantry, but rather invest in plastic, sealable containers for such items.

Crazy Ants

Ever spotted an ant crawling here and there like crazy? Yes! These are the crazy ants. They are black-brown in color with long legs and antennae. Crazy ants often form their colonies in moist environments and they are found both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, they are usually found in the wall voids, houseplants and under carpets.

The worst thing about crazy ants is their ability to multiply rapidly. They will grow to thousands and even millions if not treated. Though they don’t bite, their huge number can become a serious nuisance to your home and family.

Bottom Line

There are several other species of ants that crawl on the face of this earth. The above-mentioned ones the ones most commonly found in Caldwell homes and commercial properties.

If you are concerned about ant infestation in your home or backyard, give us a call today to discuss your problem and get a free of cost inspection and quote for your service. We can help you identify the species of ants and what treatment plan is required for their effective control. 


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