What to Do About Bed Bugs in Boise

Written by Spencer

On January 30, 2020

Bedbugs are very unpleasant and no one likes to have them at their home.

Bedbugs love to live in our sleeping places. They are so small that it is difficult to see them with the naked eye. These microscopic pesky pests feed on human blood and their stings are not only unpleasant and itchy, they can also transmit diseases. It is important that you take some immediate measures to control them.

You don’t necessarily have to reach for the chemical club right away. You can use some simple household remedies and precautions to ensure a clean environment. Below we have discussed some of the most effective methods against bedbugs, which protect both the environment and your wallet.

Fighting Bed Bugs: How to Recognize Them

  • Bedbugs are small, brown and have an oval shape. When they ingest food, they enlarge so you will be able to see them with the naked eye. This also tells how long they’ve been in your house. If you spot healthy bed bugs, it means they have been feeding on your blood for quite a long time
  • Bugs leave reddish bites that are usually arranged in a row and are referred to as a bug road. The bites often itch.
  • Small black or dark red dots on the bed linen or mattress can be traces of bedbugs.
  • If the bug infestation is already advanced, you will notice an unpleasant sweet smell.
  • Attach double-sided tape to your bedstead. If there is a bug infestation, some of the animals will stick to the bed frame and bring clarity.

Fight Bed Bugs with High Temperature

Bedbugs cannot withstand high temperatures. At temperatures above 30 degrees the little pests disappear. Put your mattress, pillows and blankets in the direct summer sun for a few hours.

Fighting Bed Bugs with Cold

As much as they hate extremely high temperatures, they also can’t withstand the cold. Smaller items and textiles can be kept in the freezer for one to three days at -18 degrees. The bedbugs and their eggs don’t survive the low temperatures.

Wash Affected Textiles

  • If you notice a bug infestation, you should definitely put all washable textiles in the washing machine.
  • You must wash pillowcases and the like for at least 30 minutes at a temperature of at least 60 degrees.
  • The high temperatures reliably kill the bedbugs and their eggs.
  • Carry the infested laundry in a bag to the washing machine. This will prevent bed bug infestation to other rooms of your house.

Check other textiles besides your bed, for example curtains or your wardrobe for bedbugs. If you find an infestation here, you must also wash these things thoroughly.

Turmeric Against Bed Bugs

Turmeric has antimicrobial properties. It ensures that the bedbugs can no longer breathe and die. Sprinkle the turmeric on the affected textiles and then vacuum them off thoroughly. You should replace the vacuum cleaner bag and dispose of it immediately.

Typical Hiding Places for Bed Bugs

Bedbugs not only hide in your bed, but can live in many areas of your home. Bedbugs feel particularly at home here:

  • Mattresses
  • Pillows and blankets
  • Backpacks
  • Garments
  • Wardrobes
  • Bags
  • Carpets
  • Skirting boards
  • Laundry basket
  • Shoes
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Suitcases and Bags

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

It’s best if bed bugs don’t show up in the first place. You can do this preventively against bedbugs:

  • Position your bed in such a way that it doesn’t get in touch with the wall.
  • Avoid putting your blankets and pillows on the floor.
  • Clean your bedroom regularly and thoroughly. Vacuum the floors and change the bed linen. You should check your bed for bugs. The sooner you spot bedbugs, the quicker you can fight them.
  • Cover the feet of your bed with tape. The smooth surface makes it difficult for bedbugs to crawl into bed. If you use double-sided tape, the little animals will stick to it.
  • Check used objects for vermin before you put them in your rooms.
  • Buy scented candles from the market and place them in your room. Use strong smelling oils like clove oil, lavender oil or mint oil. You can also put scented bags in your bed or between your clothes to prevent the unpleasant little animals.
  • If you are on holiday, you should check your room for bedbugs. If you notice bedbugs, pack your clothes in closable bags. In this way you avoid bringing the animals into your own four walls.
  • If you have pets that are allowed into your bedroom, you should always take care of them and check them regularly for vermin.
  • You should also try to change your mattress every eight to ten years. Also, use a removable mattress cover so you can always wash it and ensure bed bugs don’t find a way to hide in it.
  • Wash your clothes at least 60 degrees after your holiday. The same applies to used clothing, for example from the flea market.

Get Professional Help

Even after trying every possible remedy to get rid of bed bugs, the problem persists, the only way left is to contact a professional bed bug control company to help you out.

Averse Pest provides bed bug control services in Boise, Idaho, and we take pride in the reliability of our work. We have served hundreds of thousands of customers across the nation, and we can help you too.

Our team knows how to treat with different types of pests and how to exterminate them from your home, while ensuring that they don’t come back for the next several years.

Call us today to schedule your free home pest inspection and get a full treatment plan for bed bug control.

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