Cockroaches Found in Idaho

Written by Spencer

On January 28, 2020

Roaches exist in nearly every part of the world, and are known for their ability to survive the toughest conditions.

Even here in Boise, Idaho, the climate varies depending on the season but it doesn’t fully prevent these stubborn pests from infesting homes and businesses.

We know the tricks of these tricksters, and can help you get rid of them once and for all. Our roach specialists will inspect your house, identify the type of roach infestation you have and lay out a step-by-step treatment plan.

Cockroaches come into your home for the same reasons you do, to find a food source and shelter. In Idaho, there are three main species of roaches found in homes and commercial locations. Even though roaches are not extremely common here, they are often brought here from other parts of the country via furniture or luggage. In other words, they’re adept hitchhikers.

German Cockroaches

These are one of the most common species, not only in Idaho but worldwide. They have the ability to breed at a rate of up to six generations per annum, and can squeeze into small openings. German roaches are mostly light brown in color, while some can appear slightly reddish as well. They have six legs and usually range from ½ – 5/8 inches long.

German roaches will feed on almost anything they can. From food to soap, toothpaste, furniture, grease, oil and glue, nothing is safe from these repulsive creatures. They love moist and humid places, and are most commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens and basements.

Lmbuga / CC BY-SA (

They can lay up to 300 eggs, which hatch quickly and the cycle continues. Usually the female roach will lay a light brown purse-shaped egg capsule, containing two rows of eggs. Each capsule has up to 48 eggs and the female roaches are capable of laying eight capsules during their lifetime. On average, they lay one capsule after every six weeks and it takes only 28 days for the capsule to hatch. The fact that the female cockroach lives anywhere between 20 to 30 weeks, over the course of one year, she is capable of producing 10,000 descendants.

If ignored or left untreated, it’s easy to see how in just a matter of months, your home could be infested with German roaches – and yes, they are extremely hardy and difficult to get rid of.

You do not want them in your home; they spread diseases and bacteria, which can be detrimental to the health of your family members.

American Cockroaches

Like the German Roaches, American cockroaches also produce egg cases within three to seven days of mating. Inside each egg case there are 15 embryos, and each female roach is capable of laying up to 14 egg cases during her entire lifecycle.

These are the “typical” cockroach that most people picture in their mind when they hear the word. They are reddish-brown cockroaches with long antennas and six legs. And did we mention that they get BIG?

By American-cockroach.jpg: Gary Alpertderivative work: B kimmel (talk) – American-cockroach.jpg, CC BY 2.5,

To make them even more frightening, as they mature, they develop wings and can fly.

They will most likely be in your home to feed on crumbs and to find a water source, but like other cockroaches, they will eat nearly anything, and can go a surprising amount of time without feeding. Many people see them getting into their pet food as well, so if you have a dog or cat, make sure to seal up their food securely and clean their dishes regularly.

American Roaches can not only be disgusting, but very hard to control. Contact Averse Pest Control today to get rid of them.

Oriental Cockroaches

These roaches can get fairly large in size and have a shiny black body. They are usually found outside near moist gutters, coming in and out of sewer and storm drains and your landscaping beds. Their female roaches usually lay cases that contains 16 eggs, which hatch over a period of 14-28 days under favorable conditions.

These roaches emit a very pungent smell via the chemicals they secrete to communicate with each other.

The best way to prevent Oriental Roach infestation in your house is to ensure good sanitation. Keep your bathrooms clean and dry, don’t leave any food open in your kitchen, and vacuum often.

However, if you do experience an infestation for any type of cockroach, you will need help of a professional pest control company. We’ve dealt with many types of infestations at Averse Pest Control, and we’ve found that many people who call us have already tried handle the problem on their own, to no avail.

Do Cockroaches Hibernate?

As the temperature drops, cockroaches enter a state called diapause, which like hibernation, which slows their bodies down and allows them to live without expending much energy. However, cockroaches can remain active all winter if they are indoors and have adequate food and water.

How to Prevent Idaho Cockroaches From Getting Indoors

Cockroaches have flexible bodies, and can squeeze into very small openings. So although your home may be secure, you need to walk around it and take note of gaps in the exterior where cockroaches. However, the most common way cockroaches (and other pests like fleas and rodents) get into your home is by hitchhiking.

Any time you get used furniture, make sure that it is fully sanitized. Also, if you have pets that come in and out of your home, they could unknowingly carry pests into your home. Keep them well-groomed and inspect their fur for pests on a regular basis.

The Best Cockroach Control Boise Has

Averse Pest Control is Boise’s premium pest control and cockroach removal company, and we have the track record to prove it. Our ratings are top notch and the reviews we’ve gotten from customers speak for themselves. Please give us a call to get a free quote to keep your home pest free!

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