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Written by Spencer

On January 27, 2020
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Eagle, which was founded in 1864, is located 9 miles northwest of Boise, Idaho. This beautiful city has plenty of attractions and fun things to do, especially with your friends and family.

This place has an amazing livability, plenty of amenities, extremely low crime rate, excellent employment, great schools and a good weather year-round. Though cost of living isn’t cheap it won’t break the bank.

Every year, the mountains, splendid climate and a relatively low-cost of living attracts thousands of migrants from California and other parts of the nation to visit and often move to this splendid area. Eagle has also seen a rise in its population because of the rapid job growth.

If you are planning a vacation with your friends or family, or even thinking about moving into this city, you definitely don’t want to miss out these interesting things that this place welcomes you with.

Without any “spoilers” …Here we go!

Boise River Greenbelt

The famous Boise River Greenbelt is a 25-mile long river, which stretches across the city of Boise and connects some of the most beautiful parks of this place. It has a tree-lined pathway, which follows the river and provides scenic views, pedestrian access to popular riverside parks and wildlife habitat. Many people use the Greenbelt as an alternative transportation route for commuting.

While it has plenty of wildlife views, one thing it is popular for are the beautiful birds that live here. There are over 175 sites and a 2000-mile-long trail where you come across a vast collection of birds and Idaho’s rich natural heritage. There are several ponds where you can do kayaking and fishing during summers and winters as well.

Make sure when you visit this place, park your car at authorized parking spots, else your vehicle will be towed. Any kind of smoking and vaping activities are strictly prohibited within 20 feet of Boise Greenbelt.

Idaho Botanical Garden

Here is a challenge for you!!! Visit the Idaho Botanical Garden and resist getting lost in the lush gardens here. This 15-acre stretched garden hosts some of the most beautiful shades and vibrant splashes of colors, depicting Idaho’s cultural. This place is nested in the Boise Foothills, near the head of Old Penitentiary Historic District, and is known for promoting gardening in the Treasure Valley.

There are a whopping 800 different species o plants from 42 different families and are planted in 14 unique specialty gardens.

There is a garden here known as “Winter Garden a Glow”, and is very popular during the holiday season for its thousands of glowing lights. You may have to pay an entrance fee, which can be confirmed by calling the local administration of this place.

A close up of the inside of a tulip (Tulipa × gesneriana) in a garden in Idaho.

Old Idaho Penitentiary Site

It is time to take a tour of the Old Idaho Penitentiary Site, which reveals more than 100 years of history and secrets. This place has history within its stone walls of the Idaho’s oldest prisons, which also includes the death row inmates’ final days, one incarcerated cat and the Spanish flu.

This place was opened back in 1872 for the worst prisoners of the West, and had been in use till 1973. Over the course of the century, its sandstone walls have been engraved with a dark part and tales for the tourists.

You also get to visit the prison’s cemetery, but this isn’t a part of normal tours. There are special days when you can get a chance to visit the cemetery. If you happen to stop by this place, don’t miss out the death row. This section is spooky and famous because one of the prisoners named Raymond Snowden, brutally murdered a woman Cora Dean over a fight.

Julia Davis Park

Julia Davis Park is the city’s oldest park. It was established as a result of a donation of 43 acres of land in 1907 by Thomas Davis, presented as memorial to his beloved wife, Julia. One of the main attractions of this place are the birds and other wildlife. There are plenty o sites and side-trips, which provides you with a lovely viewing opportunity to see some of the most beautiful birds of Idaho.

There is a Bocce court as well, but only accessible upon reservation, and has some strict rules. If Reservations are entertained on a first come first served basis.

Moreover, there are horseshoes pits available, that too on a first come, first served basis. You must bring your own equipment if you are interested. If you are bringing kids with you, then here is the good news: there are plenty of open play areas and playgrounds for the children and people of all ages for recreational activities.

Roaring Springs Water Park

From family slide nights, rent a cabana and the snake river run, Roaring Springs Water Park is the best spot to plan your weekends with your kids. Recently, this place is building a $1 million water slide, and a double flying saucer ride, which is expected to be ready for the 2020 season.

Roaring Springs also holds a contest every year in which contestants get the chance to win four season passes. While there are some indoor activities at this place during winters, Roaring Springs is a huge summer attraction.


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