5 Things to do in Kuna This Summer

Written by Spencer

On April 29, 2020

We’ve lived in or around Kuna (Go Kavemen!) for nearly our whole lives, so we know it well. And although we’re constantly misspelling things with K’s instead of C’s, we’re convinced that Kuna is a hidden gem in the Treasure Valley. Come stop by our pest control company in Kuna if you get a chance to say hi. Otherwise, here are 5 other things that make Kuna great.

1. Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant

If you’re looking for some of the best, authentic Mexican food money can buy, come to Enrique’s. They used to be located on Main Street in Kuna, but have expanded to accommodate the overwhelming demand for their amazing food!

2. Birds of Prey

The Snake River Birds of Prey Center is just south of Kuna and is a staple for visiting at least once in your life. Most of us who grew up here, it was a field trip experience at school. You can learn about how Idaho actually has the largest conglomeration of raptors in the world at times of the year including hawks, falcons, eagles, etc.

3. Kuna Caves

It hurt my brain to spell that with a “C”, but being near an extensive underground cave system is where the Kaveman mascot came from. You can still go pretty far into the cave from where it starts, but nowhere compared to the miles and miles it used to go before they blocked it off for safety reasons.

4. Frisbee Golf in the Park

Kuna Park sits right on Indian Creek, but hopefully your frisbee golf skills keep it out of the water! In addition to the exciting disc-throwing, it’s also a great place to have a picnic in the sun or catch a few zz’s in the shade. A skatepark and baseball fields to the north keep adults and kids entertained all year.

5. “BBQ it up” at Big Mic’s

Big Mic’s is a relatively new addition here in Kuna, but very worth the money if you’re looking for some real BBQ. Big Mic’s offers all kinds of things, from Pulled Pork to JalapeƱo Poppers and Sliders to Bagel Burgers (so yummy!).

Kuna is the Place to Be

Along with these fun permanent attractions and food places, Kuna also hosts its famous Kuna Days celebration, complete with all kinds of family fun.

So whether you’re just looking to grab a bite with some friends or find a new hobby, you can do it in Kuna!

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