Types of Spiders in Meridian, ID

Written by Spencer

On January 21, 2020
Macro of argiope spider on its web

No matter which part of the world you live in, spiders have always been a major fear among people everywhere. They jump, they crawl, they create webs all over the place, and worst of all, they bite.

If we talk about the entire world, there are well over 35,000 different species of spiders, of which 3,000 are found in North America.

However, in Meridian, ID, there are 11 unique species that are often found in residential and commercial places. Although this doesn’t mean there can’t be other species, as spiders can be accidentally transported by humans in their cars, luggage and other belongings from other areas. In most of the cases, you will only encounter the 11 species that we as a pest control company in Meridian often deal with.

Some of these spider species are extremely dangerous while others are just a nuisance in your living space. Still, there are some spiders that are considered dangerous, and if bitten by one, you or your loved ones can be at risk of serious health issues.

Types of Spiders in Meridian

We thought to put together a list of some of the most common species of spiders that often infest the homes in Meridian.

Averse Pest Control always advises people to get their spider problem treated as soon as possible. We also believe that the residents of Meridian should know about the types of spiders they may encounter, so they can take proper safety measures for when they encounter one.

1: Argiope Aurantia

This one is a scary looking spider that creates very beautiful and shiny webs. Argiope Aurantia usually has a bold black and yellow patter, which makes them appear quite intimidating. It is rare that you will find one of these indoors, as they are usually found in gardens, farms and old fields. One of these might already be living in your backyard.

What makes them a problem is their ability to reproduce fast and spread quickly. If ignored, your lawn or backyard will soon be filled with their entire family.

2: Araneus Gemmoides

Also known as the cat-faced spider, this spider belongs to the genus Araneus and these are also found outdoors. They usually appear somewhere in the mid of October and are often found crawling around man-made structures or sometimes on the ground layer. As compared to other spider species, they will build web 44% of the time. Because of their tiny size, you may not be able to spot them easily and they are usually found alone.

3: Agelenopsis Pennsylvanica

These are probably the scariest spiders you will ever come across. They spin extremely dense, non-sticky, sheet-like webs that has a funnel retreat to hide. This spider has two fangs on the backside of its body from where it bites, and has small hairs all over its body and legs. Though they usually don’t bite, but if one of them crawls over your skin, you may suffer with skin allergies or intense itching.

4: Male Tegenaria Domestica

If you have ever spotted a spider in the dark corners or in your bathtub and under the sink, it is usually the male Tegenaria Domestica. These spiders can grow up to an inch or sometimes even more in size and they reproduce fast. This species is harmless and they would usually run away if they see a human being close to them.

5: Kaldari Phidippus Audax 01

These are probably the scariest spiders you will ever encounter. They are the largest and the most common species of jumping spiders. Though they have a small structure, which is usually black, orange or red, but they have pretty big jaws on the front and they are ready to jump and bite. Their bite is extremely painful and it causes severe skin infection and allergies.

6: Eratigena Agrestis

These mud-colored spiders are commonly found in the houses of Meridian city and they love building funnel shaped webs on or near the ground. You will mostly find them hiding under the stones or sometimes low-lying somewhere in the debris. You may already have some in your backyard or under the rocks that are placed in your lawn.

7: Black Widows & Hobos

These are two of the most dangerous spiders found in the state of Idaho. While there are a lot of myths about both these spiders, you shouldn’t take them lightly. There are some myths that say hobo spider bite can result in tissue damage and even skin death. However, hobo spider venom is considered non-toxic to human beings.

On the other hand, Black Widows are considered one of the most venomous spiders in North America. Their venom is 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake and they are highly poisonous. Even though Black Widows only bite when they are disturbed or threatened, their presence in your house is not at all safe for you and your kids.

8: Dysdera Crocata

These are pretty deadly spiders. They have long jaws and fangs that they use to turn over their preys and then stab them to death. Though they don’t form any webbing in your house, but they can attack you suddenly.

9: Cheiracanthium Mildei

Say hello to one of the most nocturnal hunting spiders that have pretty long legs with a big stomach sac in the middle of their crawlers. They are usually found indoors and often prey on insects and other rodents. In a sense, they are beneficial as they hunt down other pests in your house, but they can become a nuisance as they multiply and create webs in you indoor space.

10: Steatoda Grossa

These spiders belong the same family as Black Widow, but without the red hourglass on the underside of their stomach sac. Like Black Widow, they also have a very deadly and strong venom, but they only bite if threatened or disturbed.

If you suspect spider infestation in your Meridian, Idaho home, give Averse Pest Control a call and one of our professional technicians will be at your doorstep for a free of cost inspection. We can help you get rid of your pest problem at the earliest.

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