Why Seasonal Pest Control?

Written by Averse

On November 10, 2019

Our goal is to always provide the best pest control in the Treasure Valley. That means that we have to perform services in a certain way and ensure that quality products are utilized. Some people call us and ask for a one-time service. This is definitely an option, but in our opinion, not the best one.

Here’s why:

Residual Products

One of the main reasons why seasonal pest control is necessary, not just a one-time service, is that pests are particularly pernicious (say that three times fast). They will just come back over and over if you use a “contact kill” or a single service.

We invest in products that keep your home safe and protected for months, not just days.

If we come to your home in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, you’ll always be protected those annoying pests that always seem to sneak in.


We want to provide a service that’ll knock ’em dead, but we also made sure that everything we use is safe for your family and is responsible for the environment.

Our products have the toxicity of table salt, so your pets and children are fine to be around the product once it’s dry. Usually we ask for about 30 minutes to let them dry, then after that your pet could literally lick it up and be totally fine.

 The Best Guarantee in the Valley

Here at Averse Pest Control, we aim to satisfy 100%. If for some reason pests come back in between visits, we will too – free of charge.

That’s just one more reason we’re the best pest control service in the valley!

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