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Residential Pest Control

Your home should be a place of refuge and safety. Insects, spiders, and rodents are the last thing that your home and family needs. Averse Pest Control can take care of spiders, ants, earwigs, cockroaches, and whatever else is bugging you.

Commercial Pest Control

Business is tough enough without having to worry about pests. One thing is sure: your customers don’t appreciate dealing with companies that can’t keep sanitary, pest-free conditions. Averse Pest Control can help get rid of whichever pests you’re dealing with. 

Angie's List certified.


David Merrill
David M.
22:38 22 May 20
A great pest control company! Spencer is very nice, always on time and does a thorough job.
Sharon H
Sharon H
21:29 20 May 20
Spencer did exceptional service not only with getting rid of the bugs (which are all gone, yea!!!), but explaining and taking he time time to do so with all of my concerns with my dog's well being - (I am overly protective of her). He is a 'gem', and I am keeping him him on my schedule to keep all the creepy crawlers (earwigs, spiders, elm tree bugs) totally out of my environment. I didn't know that it all could be done naturally, and work so effectively.I give Spencer and Averse 5 out of 5 stars!!!
Christina Stroud
Christina S.
04:39 20 May 20
Kari Gray
Kari G.
02:47 20 May 20
Spencer was a stud, I did not realize he was closed but he took my call anyways. Answered my questions then came over the next day with the pest control service for my Boise property. I am going to have them take care of my Moms house too. Affordable and honest. ❤️
Keith Evans
Keith E.
04:22 19 May 20
This guy. Absolutely amazing customer service. Wonderful work. No complaints at all. This company will be back in business with us and should be with you 👍 5 stars all the way around!!!
Patrick Smith
Patrick S.
01:43 08 May 20
Spencer with Averse Pest Control did a wonderful job explaining everything in detail. The customer service was amazing and I look forward to working with them throughout the year.
Renee Kidd
Renee K.
00:08 08 May 20
Kaila Walsh
Kaila W.
19:53 07 May 20
During his time at our home, Spencer was very knowledgeable and patient. He took time explaining procedures and other pertinent items. He also removed spiderwebs in areas I cannot reach which is a total bonus. He also uses pet-friendly formulations, which I appreciate.
M Plummer
M P.
13:12 06 May 20
Sarah Bratton
Sarah B.
21:54 28 Apr 20
Great service and even better customer service.
Jadan Tanner
Jadan T.
21:34 24 Apr 20
Larry Christensen
Larry C.
19:45 21 Apr 20
Spencer was great !! Professional ,nice and explained everything.
Courtney Kaiser
Courtney K.
17:30 20 Apr 20
Amy Gray
Amy G.
18:04 16 Apr 20
So we're all here in the quarantine and here come the ANTS. We called and Averse came over within 1 day. Excellent service and a great job. I would recommend this company if you have pest problems.
Jeff Brennan
Jeff B.
16:39 16 Apr 20
Shannon Vester
Shannon V.
18:38 13 Apr 20
Stacie Myers
Stacie M.
22:03 10 Apr 20
Michaela Banks
Michaela B.
19:16 10 Apr 20
Spencer is the guy you want taking care of you and your house. Honest, ethical, and quality work.
Jakob Goold
Jakob G.
08:56 08 Apr 20
Super nice and worked within my budget. Was able to get me an appointment right away! 5/5.
Mark Abernathy
Mark A.
01:00 08 Apr 20
Very pleased. Professional from dress to punctuality. Explained complete process on initial contact and then again at start of service call. Glad our...
Cedric C.
Cedric C.
18:43 27 Mar 20
Everything about the service done at our home was excellent!!! I would highly recommend this to anyone in my circle of friends and family!!
Judy Teuscher
Judy T.
15:46 19 Mar 20
I was dissatisfied with my previous service provider and have elected to try Averse. I just had my initial application and will update our progress. So far Spencer has been prompt, courteous and very informative. We remain hopeful his product rids my home of unwanted critters!
Bob Schumaker
Bob S.
16:07 13 Mar 20
I was recommended to use Averse pest control by a family friend, and I was very pleasantly surprised. I contacted averse initially by requesting a quote...
Carly J.
Carly J.
13:01 02 Mar 20
It seems to me that they were very thorough; more so than the last company I used. I like the agreement and warranty provided. Today was my first treatment and have high hopes for my pest problems to be over.
Virgil Stucker
Virgil S.
02:24 29 Feb 20
This company is fantastic! They are always on time, treated me with respect, and did such high quality work!!! I'm so impressed and would highly recommend!
Ally Christensen
Ally C.
22:28 28 Feb 20
David Gray
David G.
04:42 25 Feb 20
I know the owners personally and have for a long time. They've worked with many different pest control companies and learned what they do best and what they can make better. With that said their service is fantastic! They take care of our office space and they do a great and efficient job.
Josh Spencer
Josh S.
16:02 03 Feb 20
The gentleman from Averse Pest Control came on time and made me feel confident that the service would get rid of my bug problem and would be safe around my family. They were thorough and walked me through every step of the process. Highly Recommended!
Rachel Johns
Rachel J.
21:18 03 Dec 19
I'm super impressed with Averse Pest Control. They are prompt and deliver a quality service. I was very happy to say goodbye to all the spiders that were in my house!
Hannah McDonald
Hannah M.
22:49 27 Nov 19
I had a great experience with Averse Pest Control. They showed up on time and were careful around my home. I've been dealing with ants and spiders for years...
Shawn R.
Shawn R.
12:03 26 Nov 19

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