About Averse Pest Control

Averse Pest Control was started by two Treasure Valley locals who saw a need for a new type of pest control service, one that focused on customer service instead of just growing the bottom line. Many companies come to your home, looking for the best way to make money. This may work fine in the short-term, but we feel that the best way to build a sustainable company is to look for the best way to add value to the customer.

Pest control is partly about killing bugs, but it’s also about freeing up time for people to spend with their loved ones. It’s about making homes safer and businesses more productive. In essence, it’s all about helping people.

Spencer Teuscher

Spencer grew up in the Treasure Valley and has wanted to go into business for himself since he was a wee lad. In 2019 a perfect opportunity presented itself, and he has never looked back.

Having experience treating homes is a must have in this industry, but Spencer also brings customer service to the next level. His strong work ethic and personable demeanor are huge assets in a customer-facing service business like pest control.

Dan Christensen

Although Dan was born and raised in the Treasure Valley, he has lived in and been involved with pest control in four different states. The main expertise he brings to the business has to do with marketing, which he got a bachelor’s degree in at BYU-Idaho in 2013.

He enjoys spreadsheets and epic planning sessions, something sure to come in handy with a growing business.

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