Is Boise Idaho A Good Place To Live?

Written by Spencer

On November 14, 2019
The Boise skyline with the Boise foothills in the background.

Do you know what draws people to Boise? Boise is ranked among the top 10 cities in United States and has been placed among the best US downtowns. It is also the best city to raise a family, one of the healthiest places to live, best place for recreation and sports and freshest place for the yogis and asthmatics.

There is no doubt that surely Boise, Idaho is a good place to live.

However, we were more curious about knowing it more and really wanted to explore what really drives people to live here in this city.

Apart from a fast-growing city, teeming with culture, it is also a hub of natural beauty and plenty of opportunities. With a population of 200,000+ people, this place gives you easy access to outdoor activities, non-existent crime neighborhoods and great schools. As a pest control company here in Boise, we were confident that the economy would keep improving (or else we may not have started it).

Here are some of the reasons that make Boise a good place to live:

1: It’s Extremely Safe – Something Everyone Wants

Safety is something that every person wants the most for themselves and their family. As a matter of fact, Idaho is considered as one of the safest states in the United States. In 2017, Boise was voted by MSN as number 8 on the list of safest cities in the entire world with a safety index of 82.29. This means, your kids can walk home from school without any worries. In fact, many people living here in Boise usually leave their doors unlocked because the place is so safe and peaceful.

2: Boise Has A Thriving Job Market

Quite interestingly, Boise has a very low unemployment rate, only 2.9%. it is 1.5% lower than the national average. Boise was also praised by The Wall Street Journal for being one of the fastest growing job markets nationwide. This has happened mainly because of the growing technology in the state along with the presence of employers like Micron Technology, Inc. and HP Inc. Other than that, the major industries in Boise still are the health care and hospitality. You can find plenty of job opportunities if you have skills related to these industries. As a whole, this city has a thriving job market for almost any type of skillset. Some of the famous employers here in Boise city are the St. Luke’s Health System and St. Alphonsus Health Systems.

3: The Nature

Any place which is surrounded by nature becomes a peaceful place in itself. The city has the famous Boise River with a greenbelt that stretches across the entire city. During summer time, it becomes a popular attraction for the locals and people coming from other cities. Both the residents and visitors including tourists as well enjoy the year-round outdoor activities of this place. Hiking, cycling, skiing, trailing, whitewater rafting and much more. Moreover, the nature here also has beautiful wildlife that you can capture in your smartphone or maybe feed them as well.

3: Basking In The Basque Block

The Basque Block is a small block here in Boise, ID. As a matter of fact, it is the only place in western hemisphere which is dedicated to the perseverance of history and culture of the Basque people, so called the Basque Block. The place longs through the European cultural anomaly. Moreover, you will find stumped linguists and anthropologists and their unique languages and genetics traits. Though it is a small hub, still you will find two restaurants and a few cultural centers along with local businesses to explore.

4: Packed With Culture That You’ll Love

Apart from being known for plenty of recreational spots and outdoor attractions, the city of Boise has more culture that most people realize. It has emerged as the cultural hub for jazz music and theater. Every year during the spring, Boise holds the Gene Harris Jazz Festival that attracts thousands of people from around the city and nation. This is a popular festival celebrated in the honor of city’s legendary jazz musician Gene Harris. Majority of the theater groups have successfully established their place in here. They perform at the Boise Little Theater, Boise Contemporary Theater and Idaho Shakespeare Festival. Not to mention the famous 208 Comedy Fest that draws comedian from around the nation every year.



5: Great Educational Opportunities

For many years in the past, Idaho hasn’t been on a good rating when it comes to education. However, recent statistics have been showing some great improvements. Boise is now praised for the great schools, educational institutes and other education opportunities that it provides to its people. Some of the Idaho’s schools have been mentioned as the most challenging ones in Washington Post’s list. The famous Boise State University is also a place for undergraduate degrees.

6: Boise Ale Trail

There are plenty of breweries here in this city and each one of them offers the best beer. You should check Boise Ale Trail, which is a free app, encouraging you to try some of the newest breweries here. The app tells you about these breweries and you can also earn prizes while doing that. Some of the famous spots here are Clairvoyant Brewing Company, County Line Brewing and Lost Grove Brewing.

7: Four Seasons Round The Year

Unlike other cities, Boise climate changes round the year. It is not just cold throughout, but you get to enjoy four seasons year-round. The summers aren’t too hot and same goes for the winter. At the peak, during summers, the temperatures will rise to 71-degrees and during winters they drop down to 32-degrees Fahrenheit. Though this city receives little rain per years, still it is full of lush greenery throughout the city. If you love snow during winters, you can head towards ski resort that is 25-minutes away from the city.

Bottom Line

Boise, ID is a great place to live and is one of the fastest growing cities in America. It is changing fast, has restaurants, is packed with culture and history and has plenty of recreational spots. If you are planning for a vacation, Boise would make it memorable for you. Averse Pest is committed to keeping your experience in Boise, ID pest-free.

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