Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

On average, the cost of pest control depends on the service, the frequency, and the size of the home or business being treated. For example, a general pest service in a home under 4000 square feet will be about $89 on a bi-monthly basis. Commercial pest control will require us to give a custom estimate.

Is Monthly Pest Control Necessary?

In general, monthly pest control is not necessary. The reason is because the products we use last 60-90 days, therefore a monthly treatment would be overkill. However in rare cases, if pests are particularly pernicious, an extra treatment or monthly option may be justified.

Do New Homes Need Pest Control?

Buying a new home is a great time to get a pest control service. It’s easier to keep the pests out than to get them out once they’ve set up shop in the attic, basement, sub area, and walls. We’ll treat either way, but it’s a very good idea to get on a treatment plan when you buy or build a new house.

Why Do I Need Pest Control?

In all honesty, pest control works and saves time, but we’re not going to pretend it’s more important than putting food on the table. If you don’t want to battle spiders, insects, and rodents, give us a call. Our mission is to make homes safer and businesses more productive.

How Often Should I Get Pest Control?

Unless you’re getting your home serviced at least once per season, you’re not going to be able to stay on top of the egg cycles of the different pests in and around your home. We do things a little bit different around here. We give you the option to choose either a bi-monthly (every 2 months) or a quarterly (every 3 months) service plan. Most of our customers are on a bi-monthly plan, but both services come with our pest-free guarantee.

Can Pest Control Get Rid of Mice?

Yes, pest control can definitely get rid of mice. Depending on the species and location of the mice, we will use a variety of methods to make sure they’re out of your home and yard.

What is Home Pest Control?

Home pest control is the process of eliminating existing pests and preventing more pests from getting into your home. Many people in the past called them exterminators, but that name doesn’t quite fit with how pest control is performed today. Pest control operators or pest management professionals are more accurate titles today, as we focus on long-term inspection and monitoring.

How Long Does Pest Control Last?

Most pest control products will last anywhere between 60-90 days on the exterior of homes. This is why pest control companies don’t usually offer a guarantee without a minimum of a quarterly service.

What is the Best Time To Get Pest Control?

This may seem obvious, but the best time to get a pest control service is before you have pests. It’s easier to keep pests out of your home than it is to get rid of an existing infestation. Preventive pest control is the best way to guarantee your home stays pest-free. As far as the best time of day or season to start pest control, there’s really no magical time for when to treat. We treat homes year-round to give our customers a year-round guarantee.

How Do I Prepare For Pest Control?

We don’t want you to have to plan your entire day around getting a pest control treatment, so we’ve made the process pretty hands off for homeowners. In fact, after the initial treatment we don’t even require you to be at home when we treat. Once the bugs are gone from the inside of your home, we only usually need to treat the exterior, giving you a barrier of protection until the next service. You can prepare for the first treatment by tidying up your home and moving small items away from walls. Don’t worry about moving the heavy items or furniture.

What Do I Do After a Pest Control Service?

When the service is completed, you’re good to go, unless your technician gives instructions otherwise. We do ask that you let the product dry (about a 1/2 hour) and then you and your pets can go anywhere. 

What is the Best Time of Year to Spray For Bugs?

There are different pests that are active different times of the year. We offer a year round service so that whenever pests are most frequent, we have a leg up on them. Ants can be bad in the spring, spiders can be bad in the fall, and mice can be bad in the winter. No matter what, we will take care of your pests.

How Do I Keep My Yard Bug Free?

If you have lots of time and patience researching, purchasing products, and applying them, then you can attempt to get rid of pests yourself. If you’d rather spend your weekends with family and friends, then it’s best to hire a pest control company. We use professional grade products and are certified in integrated pest management techniques.

Can I Vacuum After a Pest Control Service?

Absolutely. We ask that you make sure to let the product dry, but after that you’re free to go about your daily life.

Do I Need to Move Furniture for Pest Control?

We don’t require you to move any furniture or heavy items. If possible, move toys and other small items away from the baseboards.

What Time of Year Do You Spray For Spiders?

We treat homes year round with a formula designed for general pests, including spiders. Typically we get a lot of calls for spiders in late summer and fall, but with our ongoing service, you’ll always be covered.

What Attracts Spiders Into Your House?

Spiders look for shelter and food (other insects). If we eliminate other pest species in and around your home, the chances of seeing spiders goes down.

How Much Does Spider Control Cost?

Spiders can be extremely tough to get rid of, so we recommend an ongoing treatment schedule. Our bi-monthly service is very effective, and starts out at $89.