Signs of Rodents in Boise, ID

Written by Spencer

On January 27, 2020
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Rodents are unwelcome guests and can be disastrous. They spread diseases and cause structural damage. During winter months, it is widespread for many homeowners in Boise to find these pests lingering inside the house.

As a rule of thumb, you can tell the scale of rodent infestations by their behavior. If you see one at night, then it is usually a single rat or mouse and can be dealt with by yourself using some mouse traps or repellents. However, if you see one or more during day, with their droppings and gnaw marks, then you require a professional service as there is likely a large number of them.

At Averse Pest Control, we believe that no homeowner should be faced with the problems of rodents in their house. It is essential to look out for signs of rodents in your house, as early detection will help avoid costly repairs, health-related issues, and large infestation of rats and mice.

As a pest control company, we provide some of the best rodent control in Boise and have helped homeowners get back to rodent free lives.

Here are some signs of rodents that you should look out for and take immediate action before the problem becomes uncontrollable.


One of the very first signs of rodents in your home are those rice-sized, bulky black pellets called the droppings. You may see them in the corners of your kitchen floor, the shelf top, and sometimes in a drawer.

These droppings are mostly black. If the droppings appear to be moist, it means they are fresh. Old ones become dry, gray and will crumble if touches. Most likely, you will find mouse droppings near food, under the sinks, along the rodent runways and other hidden areas of your house.

If you see too many droppings near someplace, it means they are nesting or feeding nearby, so it makes it easier to exterminate them or plant a trap. You can also throw rat killers in such areas, but make sure you don’t have any kids or pets at home, else it would be a significant risk.

The Smell

Another undeniable sign of rodents in Boise is a very pungent and musky odor throughout the home. The closer you are to the place they are hiding, the pungent and muskier the odor becomes. A primary reason for rodent smell is their droppings and urine, which they do all over the place.

Moreover, the smell is not always of droppings and rodent urination. Quite often it happens that when a rodent is about to die, they don’t run outside. They would retreat into far back corners to die alone. Their corpse is then left alone, and over time the smell of their decaying body gradually spread in your house.

So, if you feel a very unusual smell in your home or the smell of a corpse, which becomes worse in some rooms or corners of your room, then it is a clear sign of rodent infestation. Watch the behavior of your pets, as well. If they are acting too much excited in certain areas of your house, a nearby rat nest could be the source.

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Gnawing Damage

Both mice and rats have a habit of gnawing with their sharp front teeth. They chew on almost every type of object in your house, especially the wood, electric wires, cardboard boxes, and furniture. Pay close attention in the attic for chewed or ripped up insulation, as it is one of the significant indicators of rodent infestation.

Rodents look for not only food source, but also water source as well. So, look out for gnawing marks around pipes.

Do examine the coverings on wires and pipes in and around your house. There are many cases in which rodents gnawed electric cables, which resulted in short-circuit and caused a house fire. If you find any chewed-up wires or pipes, immediately hire a professional rodent control company.

Unusual Pet Behavior

Watch out for the unusual changes in your pet behavior. Mostly, your pets will start by pawing around the areas where there is rodent infestation. If your cat is scratching around a specific area time and time again, or on a refrigerator, tiny crevasses, and other hidden places, you should look out for signs of rodents there.

Smudge Marks

While rodents have a very sharp sense of smell and they are pretty smart as well, but they have a poor vision. Whenever they travel along conduits, like baseboards and walls, they leave behind smudge and dirt marks on it. This will help you identify where the rodent has traveled so you can place a trap their or in the way to catch them.

These marks appear because rats and mice have grease in their fur, which leaves those marks on pieces of woods, baseboards, walls, and other places from where they travel through.

You should properly inspect your home and check the walls and sidings to spot such discolored areas. If you do so, these could be from rodents.

Spotting a Live Rodent

Apart from the signs mentioned above of rodents in your house, spotting a live rodent running around your home is a clear indication of their infestation. They are mostly active during night hours when there is no human traffic or vibration in your house. You might have had this encounter when you wake up in the middle of the night, went to your kitchen to drink water, and saw a rat on the kitchen shelf chewing on something.

If you suspect a rodent infestation in your house, don’t ignore it for long. Contact Averse Pest Control today, and we will help you get rid of them once and for all.

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