Things to do With Kids in Nampa

Written by Spencer

On January 21, 2020
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It goes without saying that Nampa is such a wonderful and beautiful place, especially for the kids. There is plenty of fun stuff for kids to do here. From riding the green belt along the river and enjoying the skiing on the slopes of the famous Bogus Basin, Nampa is filled with so many fun activities that never seem to end.

One of the coolest attractions for kids here is the Treasure Valley that has Table Rock, Camel’s Back park and Quinn’s Pond along with several other hidden gems that you can experience with your kids. Best of all, the majority of these spots are very cheap and some are even free.

So, if we peaked your attention, here are some fun summer ideas and things that your kids will definitely enjoy over the weekends.

Fun Activities For Kids In Nampa

1: Biking On The Boise River Greenbelt

The Boise River Greenbelt is a famous pedestrian and bike-friendly pathway, running 30-miles along the Boise River. It is just 5 minutes from downtown and is a beautiful place both for the kids and families. This 30-mile route has many connected parks, green spaces and golf courses. There is the Boise State University as well. This trail also connects a soccer field where you can stop to catch a game t the NFL-worthy stadium.

2: MK Nature Center

MK Nature Center is also located along the Greenbelt, and this place offers a perfect stopping point for kids to learn about birds, wildlife and beavers in the Boise area. There is a large pond in the MK Nature Center where kids can spy on the trout and an 8-foot long sturgeon. If you spot one, make sure you have your cameras ready to capture the rare moment.

3: Playing At The Boise River Park

The Boise River Park offers plenty of activities like boating, fishing and kayaking. It is also located along the western portion of the Greenbelt, and is a very popular spot for the locals who are always after some outdoor recreational activities. You can rent a paddle boat, sit in it with your kids and be ready to do some core workout. Families often come to just sit at the bank of the river and watch other kayakers and boaters.

4: Warhawk Air Museum

Just 30-minutes’ drive from Nampa, to the west of Boise, is the majestic Warhawk Air Museum. It has everything from World War I to the Space Age. The history of aviation and warfare is nicely preserved in this historic museum. This museum is a consistent effort of dedicated people like Archivist Lou Bauman, who personally put together all of the collections of memorabilia like POW and ration cards, medals and condolence letters. Other than these items, you will find interviews, photographs and stories of the veterans and their families. As a whole, this museum really comes to life with all of the history of World War 1. Though Lou is a busy man, but if you are lucky enough to find him there, don’t hesitate requesting him to take you for a tour. It will be worth it.

5: Birding at World Center for Birds of Prey

Just a few minutes’ drive from the Warhawk Air Museum, and into the windy Nampa hills is the World Center for Birds of Prey. This place is on hilltop and has guided tours that will teach you about the livers and habits of eagles, condors, hawks and many other native birds to the West. You can also have some photographs captured with these birds. Moreover, the World Center for Birds of Prey has interactive displays, multi-media shows and live demonstrations with raptors.

6: Old Idaho Penitentiary

Want to experience some cool stuff? Then you should visit this decommissioned jail in National Historic Site in Boise. There are plenty of buildings in the Old Pen, and the first ever built dates back to 1894. The jail cells here are barely 3 x 8 foot. You can imagine the misery of this prison just by looking at those cells. Don’t forget to see the fascinating Men Tattoo Exhibit here, which educates you on the meaning and history of prison tattoos. Also, check out the History of Arms and Armament building, but it requires you to pay a small entry fee.

7: Idaho Botanical Garden

Kids will love this place. Idaho Botanical Garden is a beautiful oasis in the high desert and it is situated in the former farm areas, right next to the Old Penitentiary. Over the past 30 years, this garden has undergone several changes and upgrades, and now it includes rose, native plants, meditation and a separate garden for children’s activities. Moreover, it has an interesting Lewis & Clark exhibit that you should miss.

8: Discovery Center Boise, ID

If you and your kids love to explore scientific explorations and education, Discovery Center of Idaho is the perfect spot to be at. Recently, this center celebrated 25-year anniversary with some of the most popular Da Vinci inventions exhibit. The other half of this science center houses some popular, kid-friendly Earth Science and learn-by-doing exhibits. Surely, your kids will have a memorable time at this discovery center.

9: Spending Night in Boise with Kids

If you are looking for a lovely resort-style family stay spot with your kids, the Riverside Hotel in Garden City is your best place to check-in. This hotel might feel a bit old, but is clean and has a very friendly staff. This hotel is right on the bank of the Boise River and has a lovely view from the rooms. It also provides gym, outdoor pool, excellent buffet breakfast, Sandbar riverside restaurant, free room WiFi and a 24/7 bar.

10: CircusTrix Idaho

CircusTrix Idaho is a fun place, both for kids and grownups. You will find plenty of restrooms here, indoor play area and parking place as well. The KidJump, which is for 6 and under is a popular attraction here. Some other cool attractions of this place include AirDunk, Trapeze, Aerial Skills, Foam Pits, Extreme Dodgeball and Ninja Obstacle Course. 

Hopefully some of these tips provide a fun afternoon for you and your family! For more about Nampa Idaho, check out our other blog posts! All brought to you by your Nampa pest control company, Averse Pest Control.

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