Winter Activities in Kuna, ID

Written by Spencer

On January 30, 2020
Woman and her dog getting warm on cold winter day under a blanke

Winter has just begun and so has the fun that it brings with a whole lot of activities and things to do with your friends and family here in Kuna, ID.

Kuna is a beautiful city in Ada County, Idaho and is a part of the treasure valley. It is considered one of the fastest growing areas here in Idaho, with the population tripling in the last 10 years to around 20 thousand.

Being from Kuna, Averse Pest Control thought we would share with you some fun winter activities that you can do here with your friends and family. Whether you are a local, new in town or just passing through, there is a ton of things you can do here. Ready to have some fun? Here we go!

Fall Paddling

Winter doesn’t mean that your paddling adventures end. The locals here who are die-hard paddling fans know that the real fun has just begun. Wearing the warm gloves and carrying those dry bags with all your necessities inside and paddling through the river will give you the best experience of your life.

There are plenty of spots where you can enjoy paddling and kayaking. For instance, the Eagle Island State Park, Idaho River Spots and Lucky Peak State Park are worth your visit.

Kuna Caves

Long ago, the Kuna Caves used to be a volcanic location and you can still find proves of it. Many people believe that Kuna Caves came along a lava tube, which used to run underground from South of Kuna Cave Road and towards the Snake River. It is a wonderful place to visit during the winters. Locals also believe that old nomadic Indian tribes might have used the lava tubes here to reach the Snake River underground. However, there is no one who would verify this claim. While this place is no longer accessible to the public, it is still a part of Kuna’s heritage.

Swan Falls

Swan Falls is located just 19 miles from Kuna city and 40 miles south of Boise. It is located on the Snake River and was built back in 1901. This place used to provide electricity to the nearby mines and it is also considered as one of the oldest hydroelectric generating sites built on the Snake River. While the old plant is still available, the Idaho Power built a new power plant in the Swan Falls in the mid of 1990’s.

During winters, it becomes a favorite recreational spot for people who love fishing, boating, mountain biking and waterfowl hunting. You can also plan your picnic or camping trip here with your friends and family.

The Indian Creek

Both in summers and winters, Indian Creek is a favorite place to visit for the outdoor enthusiasts in Kuna. If you have never been to this place before, you are surely up for a great surprise. While you can enjoy floating here on the Indian Creek, but beware as the water is too deep in some areas and you can fall off your tube. If you don’t know how to swim, make sure that you have your life jacket on.

Dedication Point Overlook

Experience the deep canyon of Snake River here at the Dedication Point Overlook. This place has everything for everyone. From thermal updrafts, broad plateau and rich wildlife habitat, along with the scenic views of water, rock and wind all blended together in a single place, you will be having the most fun and joyful time of your life.

There are plenty of opportunities for the visitors to see the remarkable landscape up close. You will have a nice spot to view some of the famous birds of prey area. Also watch out for the seasonal raptors, canyon and rock wrens, cliff swallows, white-throated swigs and the rock doves. One of the most adorable scenes here includes the Sage Lark, Brewer’s sparrows and western meadowlarks located in the shrubs right along the trail.

This place has parking facility, pit toilets and ¼ mile gravel trail with signs. Make sure you carry some food and snacks with you.

Cowgirls Kuna

Cowgirls Kuna is the perfect place to have fun time and meet new people. This place is famous for dancing and drinking, but you have to be 21 for that. With activities almost every night for a very small price, this place is perfect to hang out with your friends or listen to music and play pool.

Indian Creek Stowe Winery

This place is a hidden gem in the Idaho’s Wine Region. Indian Creek Stowe is a family-owned winery and a lovely place to visit. The employees and volunteers at this place are very friendly and the wines are wonderful. During spring and summer, plan your picnic here under a shady area where they have live music.

Several events and festivals are held at this place where food trucks are brought along with beer vendors and craft vendors. Overall, this place is family friendly and their winery dog Dahlia is the sweetest greeter you will meet.

Willows Edge Farm

Whether winter or summer, Willows Edge Farm is your best spot to have fun with your kids or friends and family members. They offer tours, birthday parties and summer camp at the farm. You will also meet the adorable rare breeds of Norwegian Fjord horses, Irish Dexter cattle and St. Croix sheep.

Needless to say, Kuna is a nice and quit place to live and grow. Though the place is still growing but this small town has a lot of attractions and fun things to offer. The people are friendly and it is close to everything.

If you have newly moved in here and looking for Kuna pest control, contact Averse Pest today and book your free of cost home-pest inspection.

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